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SRWare Iron 22.0

An open-source web browser inspired by the popular Chromium
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As it is well known, a lot of web browsers (including the popular Google Chrome) have been developed by using the source code of Chromium. Some of them have been created to provide users with additional security, while others focus on social networking and accessibility. SRWare Iron is a browser that disables some features in order to prevent sharing personal information with Google, for example.

At first sight, SRWare Iron may look as an exact copy of Google Chrome. It includes all the features that can also be found in Google Chrome. No changes were made in the interface of SRWare Iron. The only difference between Google Chrome and this browser lies in the fact the former comes with improved security features. Therefore, after installing SRWare Iron, an installation-ID will no longer be generated. Also, Google suggestions have been disabled in SRWare Iron, and crash error reports will not be sent to Google. Google Updater has been removed as well.

For those users that really care about their online privacy, SRWare proves to be a reliable solution. It offers the same browsing speed as other Chromium-based browsers and it’s free.

Margie Smeer
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  • The User-Agent can be configured by editing UA.ini file.
  • It doesn't generate an Installation-ID


  • It is very similar to Chrome
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